Hey folks!

Hope all is well

So my wife and daughter tested positive for Covid on Friday. I was tested but am waiting for the results. I have a lot of the symptoms so I am pretty sure I have it. I stopped using the cpap machine for the past few days up until last night.

Woke up this morning with a lot of chest pain that lasted a few hours. Almost didn’t “Log in” to work today because of it.

Spoke to my CPAP Doctor (Who looks like Margot Robbie btw) and she said my levels were good. Told her that I am believe I am covid positive and told her about my experience from this morning. She told me to stop using the CPAP because it could spread Covid, but then said if you are confirmed, continue to use it. I asked if she has had any experience with CPAP users and Covid if there was any situation that I should be aware of and she said that she didn’t have any patience with Covid and using the CPAP.

Also talked about how I keep on asking for a Large mask and they keep on sending me Medium sizes which causes pain in my lower jaw teeth for some reason.

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