Hello, I’m looking for a good battery backup for a Philips Dreamstation. I’d like something that can last at least a couple of nights if necessary and doesn’t shut off automatically. I’d also like something that can go on an airplane.

I’m totally not up on voltage/ampere/wattage/KWH or anything like that, and I’d appreciate any advice. Mostly I’m looking to see if something is compatible with my Dreamstation, but the electrical terms aren’t meaningful to me.

Currently, I’m thinking this battery: Renogy 72000mAh 266Wh 12v Power Bank. I also understand I’d need a car cigarette adapter for it, which I think is this product here. Are those compatible with my Philips Dreamstation?

Also, I think the battery I’ve linked is not allowed on airplanes. What is a good one that would be, and would it even power the CPAP long enough to be worth it? Like if the most powerful battery allowed on planes (in the USA) can only power it for 6 hours, it’s kind of not worth having.

Lastly, an expensive power station like this seems to be different than a battery pack, but I’m not sure if it would work better in my case or not. And I’m not knowledgeable enough to know why.

I’m very confused and any help would be greatly appreciated!

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