I got my sleep test done a couple months ago, but I knew I couldn’t pursue treatment until I got on my boyfriend’s insurance after a full year of living together. I had 22 events per hour and my oxygen went down to 77. My boyfriend has been telling me about how I breathe strangely during the night and the thought of my unconscious struggle to breathe really bothers me.

I finally got insurance a few days ago and called the sleep clinic to get things rolling the other day, and I will hear back later this week after they have sent a quote to my insurance about moving forward. I am so thankful they can have virtual appointments and send the machine straight to my house so I can get started even with everything happening right now!

I know it may still be a long road ahead of trying different masks and getting used to using CPAP but I can’t wait to get started and finally feel rested. This morning I woke up feeling exhausted as usual and took a deep breath, and it felt like I hadn’t been breathing all night. The only way I can describe it is I felt like I was stretching my lungs. Have any of you experienced this feeling before getting treatment? Anyone else looking forward to treatment or was looking forward to it before starting like I am?

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