——————————————————————- This fairly short analogy may help you grasp my situation: ——————————————————————-

Hello to all. I’m fairly new to the world of Cpap. The mask came into my life around the beginning of August and ever since then it’s been a stuffy relationship. I’m inclined to trust that continuous-positive-airway-pressure therapy can cure my sleepless nights filled with multiple awakenings…however…due to congestion’s constant third wheeling…I never truly get the alone time that I need with my machine to develop anything meaningful.

After 14 days of insufferable sleep deprivation, I turned to the Nasal Spray “Afrin” as a relationship consular. It seemed to have help tremendously… however… not completely— as I still woke up once or twice.

Apparently I didn’t read the terms and conditions that came alongside with consulting Afrin…which included as such:“do not use for more than three days”.

Due to this beginner’s mistake, I got fined a hefty price that resulted in the sum total of “rebound congestion”.

As painful as it was, I joined a debt “relief” program and stopped consulting Afrin altogether. The program consisted of weaning off of it cold-turkey style.

—————————————————— For the sake of time I’ll get to the point ——————————————————

I started Afrin around August 10th and stopped August 17th-ish/18th. I stopped using it when I realized the world of pain it could potentially cause alongside the already existing increased congestion that it brought about. After about a 3 weeks of struggling without it, I started using a Neti Pot. After 2 weeks of seeing no progress, I added Flonase…after a week and a half of no progress, I added Claritin-D to the mix. It didn’t help + gave me a headache so I stopped using it after 3-4 days…

Around September 30th I ordered a heated tubing set to replace my standard in hopes of it maybe helping…but still nothing has changed…

At this point I really don’t know what to do. I saw an ENT but he only suggested everything I’ve already tried…which further irritated me lol

I think this post is a bit long …so I’ll just cut it short to here. Has anybody in this community been in my shoes, if so, how do I go about fixing my issue other than ripping off my nose and punching it as hard as I can?

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