1 I have to recommend you guys join the r/CPAP community once you start therapy. It is such a good, helpful community full of help with adjusting to your new sleep friend.

Anyway, the first night on CPAP was great, but I was chasing sleeping ever since. My leak rates were horrible, I was waking up a lot, my obstructive and hypopnea events kept increasing, but then r/CPAP helped me fix the leaks and last night I slept AWESOME!

I have to recommend downloading OSCAR, too. So many of the events the machine picks up are central airway events which happen toward the beginning and end of your sleep. These aren’t true events, so I’ve discovered, as your breathing pattern changes when you’re falling asleep.

Anyway, my AHI is consistently below 5 and last night was just below 1 with very few total hypopneas and obstructive events. As someone with sleep anxiety focused around how I sleep, this is amazing news for me.

I’m encouraged and just wanted to share!

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