I started using a CPAP machine (AirSense 10) in November 2019. I use a full face mask (ResMed F20). I started with a nasal mask per the suppliers’ recommendation, but I quickly had issues with that (I typically breathe through my mouth when sleeping). I found the entire experience to be very hard to get used to. Having things stuck to my face is extremely uncomfortable for me. However, I used it every night and I guess I sort of got used to it I still use it every night. But…

I’m not the kind of guy who gets tired and just falls asleep. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, I have to be almost dead asleep to put my mask on. If I put my mask on before I’m ready, I’ll stay awake and end up taking my mask off to try again. This has led to more than a few occasions of me falling asleep with no mask on. My Girlfriend then suffers through my snoring and I get woken up to an upset partner insisting I put my mask on. By then, my anxiety has already skyrocketed into thinking if I put my mask on, I won’t be able to fall back asleep. Of course, if I just did it, 9/10 times I’d fall asleep no problem with the mask on, but my anxiety over it just makes everything worse for me and my partner who can no longer sleep. Other times I’ll put my mask on when she asks, but she’ll keep waking me up claiming I’m snoring even with the mask on.

I know the usual answer to my dilemma is to just keep using the mask and I’ll get used to it and it will become a normal thing in my life. Thing is… I won’t. I can’t stand the thing. I do understand my quality of sleep is better, even if I’m getting fewer hours of sleep overall. I understand it all actually, but that feeling of that mask on my face is just overwhelming unless I’m already half asleep. I’m so jealous of people that love their CPAP machines. I’m friends with a few of those people. My doctor is one of them.

Anyone else have this issue and how are you dealing with it? Anyone else tend to sometimes snore loud even when using a CPAP which, according to my girlfriend, I sometimes do? I could use some help on this.

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