Hi and thanks for taking your time to read this,

I’m having my sleep test in 2 days, i’m an overweight 27 y.o. guy, doctor was telling me how using a CPAP machine not only will decrease my blood pressure, help with my headaches, reduce risk of heart and brain strokes, but also help me focus better, remember more, feel more energetic and awake, help with my ADHD, help with my mood and emotions, help with my snoring, prevent risk of alzheimer and holymoly help with my weight loss too!

Thats all wonderful and good but this much promises starts to make me wonder if its mostly salesmanship that only work for a tiny group of lucky people or is this the experience for everyone. Hope I dont come off as too skeptical of researched science but this whole thing sounded like it was being sold by Tony Robbins.

Any confirmation and experience would be wonderful.


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