I was just wondering if anyone else had found that their CPAP treatment wasn’t or hadn’t worked. I’m curious as to either what the problem and solution you found was outside of CPAP therapy or what possible theories you might have as to what is causing your continued snoring.

A little back story…

I have pretty much snored all my life. Ever since I was a kid and had my tonsils and adenoids removed because they were blocking my airways at night I’ve snored ever since.

After many years of it and starting to feel effects from not getting good sleep I decided to pursue sleep therapy. I’ve been on the machine since the beginning of March and all my scores have been in the high 80’s but mostly 90’s. So the machine is being used correctly and the seal is fine.

I’ve been to many sleep studies with and without the machine. I’ve been told the machine is working correctly and is at the appropriate settings. However I continue to snore even with the machine on and wake up feeling worse than I ever did before. The symptoms I have seem worsened by it along with other new issues.

I’ve been told that this shouldn’t be the case yet clearly is but can’t seem to find anything as to why this must be the case. I am being told to just stick with it and eventually it will get better but honestly sleeping with the machine is worse than without. I’ve been told I’d notice a difference after a months use. It’s been a month and I feel worse. The only response I seem to get is keep going and try another month. I just don’t think I can.

Any stories, advice, thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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