Hi there,

I’ve been searching this sub and doing a bit of googling, but I haven’t really found anything for my rather unusual situation, so I was hoping y’all might have some ideas.

I have MCTD and MCAS, along with a few other unpleasant acronyms. I can’t wear headbands, or glasses, a cotton face mask — basically anything touching my skin for an extended period, especially my face and hands will cause lesions that fill with fluid and often become hypertrophic/keloid scars. This then triggers a flare that causes my immune system to attack my organs and just generally feel like the walking dead, so I am really hoping that treating the sleep apnea will make me feel better.

I’ve looked into alternative options, but I have only seen the dental pieces (also not an option) and surgery, which from what I’ve read isn’t as effective as CPAP, and isn’t really ideal, considering my other issues. I then found this type, is there anything smaller than that, or does anyone have any suggested keywords? I’ve read that there are some downsides to that style, but it seems to be the best balance. also, if anyone has any experience with these I’d be interested to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for reading!

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