I’m pretty new to this. Been using my CPAP for about 2 months but compliant. I have an issue I need some in put on if possible. My CPAP sits on my nightstand (old house and my bedroom only has 2 plugins so it has to stay there). I have cats and 2 small dogs that like to walk around my nightstand during the day. I have come home to find my CPAP on (it’s a Phillips dreamstation). Not a big deal just annoying. The big issue is the cat and dog fur bunnies that get all over the machine. I love my pets and they have to stay in a small portion of the house during the work day so my big dogs can be out as they can’t mingle without supervision.

Has anyone come up with a method of keeping their CPAP protected from fur bunnies?

Another thing I considered was unplugging it and storing the machine in my closet during the day, would being unplugged everyday cause issues?

Thanks for your advice.

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