For me it was about a 4 ½ month total process to get the diagnoses and then the machine, which involved getting an appointment with a pulmonologist and then waiting for results and then another appointment to fit the mask and pick up the machine.

First night went really well although my nasal passage were dry as the Sahara in the morning. Didn’t use the humidifier function at all but I did last night and there was some improvement to that issue.

It’s strange to use this thing, but I can sleep on my side, which is usually my default starting position. I have the mask that only goes over the nose as the other options were making me feel claustrophobic. My jaw does not seem to be dropping so I may be able to forgo the strap to keep it shut.

The whistling/wheezing type noise on my exhales is a bit disconcerting but a white noise source and moving away from the machine is helping with that.

I changed my ramp time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes and that seems to be okay. My first night results never posted to the cloud but, oh well.

I may feel a bit mentally sharper and less anxious than usual but I’m not ready to say for sure. Hopefully the health benefits will outweigh the associated negatives.

Will admit I didn’t really know what to expect with regard to wearing the mask. For me it’s unpleasant and strange but I have managed to sleep without removing it — something I imagined I would do.

Anyway, good health and good results to my fellow sleep apnea sufferers.

Edited to add: My mask is the ResMed AirFit N20 and the machine is the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet

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