So I was issued a home sleep test a few nights ago, and when I wore it, the device was fine, I had no problem using it, but I had a severe problem trying to stay asleep (not because of the device). It was because I had this severe itching problem, this itch I call the “Bugs Bunny Itch”. It appears in one spot of the body, and then, the moment that you are finished scratching it (no exaggeration) it appears somewhere else. This can go on for hours, and it did on the one night I had it available to me. I feel like I’m screwed. I wasn’t able to sleep at all that night, too busy scratching and scratching and scratching.

I have also had problems keeping up with CPAP machine habits in the past. I was diagnosed with ADD as a kid but was taken off of the meds. I am frequently distracted and procrastinating, even when something is really really important to me. I also have other medical treatments I’m going through but it’s hard to keep up with all of the new habits I have to start, and I’m wondering if its because ADD and sleep apnea are considered co-morbidities. My doctor was going to use that data from that night to see if they could get me a bi-pap after two failed CPAP attempts.

And then there’s the allergies. Granted my room is a dust storm but even keeping up with immunotherapy, which the nurse reminded me that I can’t forget even one dose, just feels like something I’ll forget again…along with forgetting to clean…I feel trapped in this whirlwind like there’s no way out, one problem just makes the others worse. The more sleep I lose the harder it is to keep up, and the harder it is to keep up, the more sleep I lose…

Would there be such a thing as inpatient sleep apnea therapy? I think it would really do me some good to get some sleep somewhere that’s automatically kept clean…

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