I have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea (I am due to use a CPAP for treatment) and I am struggling with how to deal with the social fallout from it, in particular:

  • I am single. I am worried about dating and dealing with that first “overnight” stay. I would probably be tempted not to use my CPAP that night and then I would worry about when to tell the person. Is it better to be upfront about it? But then does it not ruin the vibe of an early date to come out with this sort thing, with the risk of rejection?
  • I haven’t told most of my family yet. I know they will immediately think it’s a weight thing and maybe even think it is self-inflicted, even though I feel I have had this for years regardless of weight. I feel it might be better not to tell them.
  • I now need to consider things I wouldn’t have before like going on holidays with friends and having to take a CPAP machine with me and the difficulty in sharing rooms with people, etc.

I am glad that I will finally receive CPAP treatment (the benefits of which will hopefully outweigh any negative social effects); however, I am just worrying about these social things following my recent diagnosis, which I hope you can understand.

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