So I’m a sleep tech who works alone at a small sleep lab. I can have up to 3 patients per night, but a lot of the time I just have 1. I’ve got to say, the amount of inappropriate men is way too freaking high.

In regular life, I’d say about 10-20% of men I encounter would say or do something creepy or gross when in a conversation, but that easily jumps up to 40-50% in the sleep lab. Just last night a man told me he was hoping I’d come back into the room with no panties on, and had been seriously contemplating masturbating to me while he was in the room. What the actual fuck? I was alone at the lab with that one patient. I made sure he left quickly, especially after he asked if there were cameras everywhere. Fuck off with that shit.

So yeah, just stop creepy dudes. It will always be seen as creepy, never cool or like a compliment. There is a 0% chance of it leading to any sort of sexual encounter. Oh, and there is a camera in the room, so stop playing with yourself in there. I and other sleep techs I know don’t care to see that and will always change the angle of the camera to put it out of view if you start. If there are other sleep techs there, we will definitely tell each other about your creepiness and also tell our boss, so you’re very likely to be banned from our facility in the future.

Stop trying to make your creepy porn fantasy happen. It’s not going to happen.

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