I’m self employed, work non stop. The country I live in the occupation I do never went into lockdown. So always in contact with customers which after 14 months of that has taken its toll . Then two months ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I most likely have had it for years but I think due to stress eating this last year I put on over 10kg. The pressure of working in Covid plus finding out I was 3 times more likely to end up in intensive care if I got it having apnea. The symptoms of apnea have been intense , headaches, fatigue and really depressed. The cpap as of yet I don’t feel the benefit. Waking up after a few hrs with headaches, I’m going to a neurologist in a weeks time . My post is not really a question but more of just how things are . I have started now to think I have something even more severe, which is totally adding to the stress . I’m 52yrs old I have a great wife and a great kid . I do the job which I was born to do , but I feel like shit and I don’t see it getting better..

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