Hi all, I recently had a sleep study done, to update my initial results from a few years ago. The result was unexpected: my doctor says that somehow, my sleep apnea has improved, with my AHI dropping from almost 18 to 10. This is without any lifestyle changes or weight loss. Hooray! But why?

We talked a bit about dysthymia (low level, chronic depression), which I’ve had for some years. In my view it has largely alleviated since my initial sleep apnea diagnosis. These days I am feeling much better and more resilient, which I attribute to higher quality sleep due to CPAP. But the doctor also says that mood can affect sleeping patterns, and showed that my sleep was punctuated by non-sleep apnea waking events, poor REM, inability to fall asleep, etc., perhaps because of the dysthymia.

So, there’s a bidirectional relationship between depression/anxiety and poor sleep. I’m not entirely sure how sleep apnea factors into this, but I am planning to discuss further with my doc next week. For folks in this community, I am curious: Has anyone experienced sleep apnea, poor sleep, and depression? How did you go about getting treated for it, and how did treatment affect each of these issues?

I’m curious to hear how others have handled this feedback loop. Thx!

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