Since I can remember, I’ve always had difficulties breathing through my nose as a result of the deviated septum gene that has been passed on to me by my father. His father (my grandfather) had a deviated septum as well. All of the males on my fathers side, particularly my cousins and uncles, all have this gene. As life took its course, I’ve started to develop some pretty hampering symptoms that I assume are a result of this. As a kid, I had an injury that involved my nose banging against an air hockey table. I was cleared from ER with no significant treatment — or none at all for that matter.

Now, transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, I’ve been starting to really feel the effects of whatever the issue may be. I’ve taken some morbid closeups of my nose, so pardon the cringe factor as aesthetic appeal wasn’t my goal. Now, I can’t remember if the slim nostrils were an issue preceding the air hockey incident, but I’ve always had an acknowledgement rather than an insecurity for them.

Lately, I’ve been trying to take the bull by its horns in figuring out what the issue for my symptoms are. My symptoms include:

· brain fog

· perpetual/chronic fatigue

· extreme lack of focus/ difficulty learning

· persistent sneezing (multiple instances a day, almost every day)

· erratic nosebleeds

· burning/itchy eyes/ears/scalp/body

· dry scalp (lots of skin flakes fall out when I itch my scalp, potentially an allergic symptom)

· persistent yawning

· congested nose

· enlarged heart (I presume as a result of stressing it during sleep)

· short term memory loss

And some change (I’ll append them to the list when I remember them).I’ve been a mouthbreather for as long as I can remember. At night, I snore like a beast. The average snore score of a user (in a demographic of snorers) is 25. I scored 104. In my sleep audios, I’ve noticed that I often either wake up from the shear volume of my own snoring, or there’ll be rare times where I can sense I’m not breathing in my sleep and I’ll tell myself to wake up since I can feel I’m not breathing. When I wake up, I can hear myself itching my body and then quickly knocking out withing seconds, figuratively. Sometimes, this occurs in intervals of 2-5 minutes, but on average I would say every 20 minutes. I feel that I never enter REM stage of sleep and that could be the culprit for my sleeping issues. Also, I have rare instances of groaning that I assume are an exhibition of catathrenia.

I’ve gotten a referral for an ENT doctor, but I was first sent to an allergist first and I reacted to: dust mites, trees, grass, feathers, mould, and animals. I believe these allergies were recently onset rather than a pre-existing issue. Never got a call back for follow up from the ENT so I came here. I don’t think I suffer from sleep apnea because I haven’t noticed any regular instances of respiratory cessation.

I don’t know what it feels like to feel refreshed in the morning. I don’t think I ever have. I’m 19 years old, and I’ve been tip-toeing on the beam of failure at university. I’m not trying to humblebrag, but poor sleep coupled with the workload of university level engineering is fucking me up.

Do you guys have any insight on whether this is due to my nose, allergies, or a factor that I have not mentioned? I am not looking for a temporary fix such as nasal steroid sprays, I am looking for the root cause of these symptoms and I am trying to rectify them accordingly. Please feel free to ask any further questions if need be. Thanks!

note: I didn’t intend for this to be a monologue, but I wanted to include as much relevant information as possible.

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