Not to bore people with a long story on everything but to cut to the chase for the last 4 years ever since I have turned 30 I started having worsening TMJ problems that then morphed into horrible sleep that led to exhaustion.

The problems kept getting worse to the point now where I wake up I have constant brain fog and I am basically a zombie who can’t function. All my life I have never been able to breathe through my nose because of a deviated septum. The problem has gotten so bad now that when I sleep I can’t breathe through my mouth anymore either as I wake up coughing on my own saliva sometimes.

I also wake up “alert”and feel like I have adrenaline even though I am exhausted (presumably because my body forced a wakeup due to not breathing) but I can’t really prove anything yet as I have not been tested for sleep apnea.

Does it make ANY kind of sense that my deviated septum has caused the TMJ and horrible sleep problems and eventually makes you not even able to breathe through your mouth over 30+ years? Thanks

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