i have a severely deviated septum caused via injury, and will be getting a surgery to improve my nose eventually but not any time soon. this causes what i think is called obstructive sleep apnea. i use decongestant sprays and nasal strips which help alot. but they help most when the weather is cold, and i also leave my windows open all night because the colder it is, the better my breathing is. during the summer months especially, i am suffocating constantly, waking up choking, having to force myself awake for sometimes a day and a half because it is so severe when its hot. i tried using fans to cool my room last summer but it only circulated the air, not cool it which did absolutely nothing to even slightly improve the situation. im dreading the weather getting hotter this year, does anyone have any advice because i dont know how to cope and its hell. or any tips that help sleep apnea in general, specifically my type of it. i also dont have ac as most people in ireland do not.

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