I am quite curious about this. Deep-sleep stage 4is the most critical portion. Merely measuring total hours slept and AHI isnt as informative as one would like.

I was wondering if there way a device to measure at home the probable distribution of sleep states.

Any leads? That one is rather criticial to focus attention on. An AHI is misleading. There may be cases of people with passing AHI with the net average sleep yet keep “getting woken up from” stage 4 sleep due to (hypothesis) even greater relaxation of muscles?


“In Spearman’s rank correlation, the more the subjects were deprived of N3 sleep, the more they complained of snoring, excessive fatigue, sleepiness, falling asleep during the day, trouble paying attention, and insomnia. None of the symptoms were related to other sleep-stage abnormalities.”

“If the findings of this study can be confirmed by larger controlled studies, correcting stage N3 sleep deficiency by PAP or pharmacotherapy may result in symptomatic improvement in patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome.”

Mostly, I want to experiment a bit with lowered pressure settings and AFLEX settings and see what is ideal.

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