Had a sleep study down after I was diagnosed with Afib (first occurence). Cardiologist suspected possible sleep apnea as a potential cause.

While I don’t have most of the symptoms of sleep apea (besides snoring on my back) I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, I can’t remember the number but it was a little over 100 events / hour. With treatment in the sleep study, they got that down to 2-3 so it sounds like I’m a good candidate for CPAP.

I’ve been referred to an medical supplier called AeroCare. From what little research I’ve done they’re not well liked.

My brief interaction wasn’t great either. The rep was a bit rude and they demanded I setup auto pay immediately. Anyway, I digress.

What sort of questions should I be asking AeroCare to ensure i’m not being ripped off?

  1. Should I ask what specific model I’m getting? Is that something they’ll share?

  2. I was given a facemask from the sleep study, I guess they are relatively disposalable?

  3. Is buying my own CPAP even an option? It sounds like my sleep doctor said she wanted me on an AUTO-CPAP with a “15-20” range (but starting at 15)

I really appreciate any info. If you know anything you wish you would have known at the beginning of your CPAP journey I’d love to hear it.


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