First off, I’m a super super heavy sleeper. It takes a LOT to wake me up, so if I’m waking from the sleep, I can guarantee I’m not remembering it frequently because whenever I actually wake up, it take 30 minutes before my brain starts working.

Anyway, I’ve had 4 instances where I’ve woken up either not breathing at all, or breathing very short and very fast. 2 of these instances happen this week, the other 2 over a year ago.

Now I deal with brain fog, and never feel truly awake. But I’m a bit confused if what I’m experiencing warrants a sleep study. 5 days ago I was very slowly waking up and felt super air hunger, but was to asleep/tired to do anything about it. Eventually I gained the strength to roll over (was on my back) to my side and take a big inhale and felt immediate relief then fell back asleep.

Then this morning. I was having a dream and then in the dream I put a trash bag over my head, and it became airtight and I couldn’t breathe which resulted in me waking and I noticed again, I wasn’t breathing and had pretty bad air hunger.

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