Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking around this sub for the past month or two. I (26M) believe I have sleep apnea and had my sleep study done last week. I hope to hear from my doctor soon with confirmation so I can get started on CPAP. I was curious if anyone had these sort of symptoms that I have daily, all starting around the same time. They all usually start around 3-4pm and go on through the rest of each evening. I sometimes try to take a name around 7pm for a bit before going to bed at my normal time of 11-11:30pm, and sometimes that helps. But here is what I experience almost daily. It’s sometimes mild and sometimes very concerning:

  • Heart palpitations, sometimes feeling of heart skipping a beat and chest/gastrointestinal rumblings (can’t quite tell if it’s cardiac or my stomach). I test my ECG on my Apple Watch (I know not the most accurate) and during these spells it is usually crazy and off the charts, and often restarts the 30 second test because it thinks my arms are moving (they are not). And then it sometimes comes back to normal sinus rhythm.

  • Dizziness. Best way of describing it is taking a step and feeling like I shook my entire house. Having to pay attention so I don’t fall over. I don’t have this one as often but three times over the past week I’ve felt this way.

I’ve been to the ER a few times since last summer for these symptoms, and everything is always normal. It started out as a Covid scare/anxiety, but has since been pretty clear to me it is apnea. One of those trips after a completely restless night where I could see my pulse oximeter read levels in the 80s multiple times lead to my awakening of this. I’m not sure if my anxiety is also contributing to this, as it very well could be. But today for example I felt relatively fine for most of the day and then boom my heart felt like it skipped a beat and I’ve been feeling off since. I was just wondering if anyone had these kind of symptoms happen daily at the same time like clockwork. I hope my doctor gets back to me soon with my diagnosis so I can get my life back on track. Thanks for reading!

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