So I have my sleep test scheduled for a week from now, but in the meantime wondering if anyone else has experienced the difficulty breathing once you lay down? It’s as if my breathing is perfect all day long, but once I lay down at night, my nose feels congested, or inflamed, or a combination of the 2.

I breathe through my nose when I sleep mostly, and by the time morning rolls around I can tell I’m not getting much oxygen.

I had read some articles that recommended trying an antihistamine, which I did, but nothing changed. I then bought a nasal spray, used it for several weeks with no improvement.

Anything else I can try? Has anyone found a solution? I’d prefer to not go the CPAP route if there’s an alternative due to the fact I travel very frequently for work. If there’s no other option I will do it of course, but I’d like it to be the last resort. Interested in hearing others experiences, and figuring out why I breathe perfectly fine all day only to get insta-congestion after just a few minutes of laying down.

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