Eight years ago I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea. But, I tried the mask for a while and I hated it. I was also in college and drinking and concerned about women thinking I looked like an idiot with a mask on.

Fast forward to today where I decided to take my health a little more seriously. I don’t remember my numbers from when I got diagnosed prior but, I have all the classic symptoms and people hate sleeping with me because I snore so bad and all that.

The first test didn’t upload my results correctly so they sent me a new one. I only slept for six hours and when I woke up, I had that thing where I knew there was absolutely no chance I was falling back asleep so I uploaded my six hours worth of data.

The doctor hasn’t sent me his “report” yet but I begged them to give me the AHI because that was the one number I knew. They told me it was eight. Then they said oh we go by RDI more, that was 17.7.

Based on 8/17.7, any thoughts? I think I get poor quality sleep and would benefit from a CPAP but perhaps I’m on the edge of being fine without it.

Thanks in advance.

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