I may not have it in the mornings if I get reasonably rested, but usually as the day progresses, it gets a little worse. Is this common with sleep apnea/uars? Should I bring that up to my sleep doc/ENT doc (same doc)? I’ve been wanting to ask him if he’ll be willing to order an MRI/CT scan of my head and neck to make sure I don’t have anything weird going on in general with my airways. An ENT doc did a scan a while ago in 2018 before my turbinate reduction/deviated septum surgery.

This throat/neck tightness is new as of the past month or so. Some days it feels harder to breathe and other days it feels like my pulse is more prominent in my neck or something. Sometimes as it gets later in the day (usually the late afternoon or night), along with the tightness in the throat…it feels like I have a little difficult eating/drinking/swallowing. I still can, obviously. Just seems to be a bit more difficult.

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