26 male. Slightly overweight but not obese. On pain meds like codeine to help with chronic pain.

Typing this at 9am after trying to sleep for 4 ish hours. I dont work so time doesnt worry me.

My main symptom isnt waking up gasping in the middle of my sleep. Its being overly aware that im not breathing as i slowly drift off. My sleeping hours are fine i guess. Ranging from 7 to 11 hours. Its mostly the falling asleep bit that sucks especially if im extremely tired. Much like i am now.

I do tend to sleep with my mouth open but i dont know if i snore. I feel somewhat vulnerable and my heartrate noticably falls way down with my fitbit reading a low of 35.

So uh… reddit pls share some words of wisdom. Hopefully i finally fall asleep after writing this lol

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