I was recently diagnosed with Moderate sleep apnea. My lowest spO2 levels were in the low 80s. I’d been having issues with brain fog, cognition, energy, and depression for about two years now now. Due to my doctor and a long waitlist it took almost a year and a half for me to get my sleep apnea diagnosis. I am finally getting my CPAP machine and really can not wait. The symptoms have become close to unbearable and have had a negative impact on my career, relationship, and social life. After getting treatment do the symptoms I listed above usually clear up and if so how long does a “full” recovery typically take. I found some medical papers that said most of the brains grey matter returns to normal after a year, but that there were still cognitive deficits between sleep apnea patients and control after a year of treatment. My biggest fear is I waited too long for treatment and my brain and energy will be affected long term. I know this is likely paranoia but I wanted to post here to find out about people’s experiences and how common a “full” recovery is.

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