I just got back from a trip (family issue) to somewhat different climate – higher humidity and lower altitude. I slept quite a bit better there than before and after at home, and I’ve been trying to figure out why.

I also got along quite a bit better with my CPAP, especially less (but not no) aerophagia.

Offhand, it would seem plausible that the humidity could make a difference, although of course the machine adds some also. ( I don’t really know how much, or how to control how much.)

And, at lower elevation, the air pressure would be higher, but I’m not sure if that difference would be meaningful versus the amount of pressure that a CPAP supplies? And if so, whether that would affect my sleep breathing.

Temperatures were comparable this time of year. The only other big factor I can think of would be the bed.

What’s your experience with traveling, does it affect your sleep or your CPAP usage?

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