Before I got my CPAP and diagnosed, I used to have 75 interruptions per hour, which was huge. I’d sleep 6-7 hours at most, feeling super tired, napping like 2-3 times at LEAST a day, and still could barely make it.

Before CPAP, I used to always sleep on my side or stomach, mouth open, drooling, snoring enough to wake up the entire neighborhood.

Now I’ve had the machine for almost a year, obviously it’s changed my life. I have much more energy, better, etc etc. However, I can’t sleep long periods of time. I now sleep on my back, but I can’t seem to sleep very long. I get sore from sleeping that way, I wake up, and rarely can I fall back asleep. If I turn on my wide, my mask usually moves and leaks. In the morning report, I have next to no leaks, so my sleep is really good. When I sleep, I sleep. I never wake up usually until 5-6 hours in.

So I tend to still nap for like 20-30 min mid-day (benefit of working from home). Obviously I’d like to do without those naps, but still feel they are a bit necessary just to make it with good energy for the rest of the day.

Is this a similar situation with anyone here? My bed is pretty comfy, so I hate that I feel sore after 5-6 hours. Might be inevitable however..

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