I am only now learning about sleep apnea. I’m 33, male, 5’11” 185lbs, My wife suggested it one day because of my fatigue and brain fog. I am a snorer, been snoring since I can remember, loudly, never thought much…

Last night, after having read up a bit more on sleep apnea, I decided to download a sleep recorder app to record myself snoring over night… I recorded 6 hours, snored the whole time, but what was scary was how on some occasions, where you’d expect a snore based on the rhythm, I could pick up a silent gargle follow by an even louder snore.

I’m trying to set up an appointment today to check all this out. I hear from some people online that CPAP machines changed their lives… IF I am diagnosed, this is something I am definitely interested in

In the meantime, would sleeping sitting up (reclined) help me? I tried on my side, but could not keep the position until I can prop myself in place with extra pillows…

Thanks for reading ✌️

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