I’m a 20 year old (male), 6’0, 145 lbs, and I haven’t had a restful night of sleep since I was probably in Middle School. I wake up usually with a headache and sore jaw from grinding, and I feel incredibly tired throughout the day, also experiencing brain fog, and just feeling exhausted all the time, I HATE IT. I’ve suggested to numerous doctors that I might have sleep apnea but they usually just said I don’t meet the criteria, the most recent neurologist I visited actually laughed at me when I said that I feel like I have sleep apnea because I have a significant overjet/misaligned jaw. He said I was too skinny and young to realistically have apnea and instead blamed it on me playing video games before bed or having an irregular sleep schedule.

I took an at home sleep test and the nurse said my results were “normal” without explaining further what the test results were. I don’t want to be tired anymore and no one believes I have a problem they just suggest I take vitamin D supplements (my vitamin D levels are normal) and to have a better sleep routine. I legitimately haven’t felt the feeling of being well rested in the morning in years and I miss it so much.

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