I’m looking for a doctor in Seattle who is “good” in your eyes for treating this syndrome (UARS).

I have not yet been diagnosed with UARS, however my AHI is 19 and my RDI is 39–and I fit the demographic very neatly.

I’ve been treated with CPAP at a low pressure of 5 (because higher caused my AHI to triple), but I did not notice any improvement in symptoms despite OSCAR showing an average AHI of 5. I assume this is because RERAs were not reduced at a pressure of 5 and I cannot go higher than 5 so as to avoid central apneas. I have been told my RERAs are nothing to worry about and are in fact basically obstructive apneas which would have reduced as well with a minuscule pressure of 5, as indicated by the AHI decrease. I have been told I simply need another sleep study to determine if I actually have hypersomnia instead, as well as to rule out idiopathic central apnea; however, this sleep study would not grant me the machine I believe I need based off my RDI and experience with CPAP as I doubt I have idiopathic central apnea and therefore am not allowed to switch machines.

My sleep study:

I don’t believe what I’ve been told, so that’s why I’m here–and looking for a doctor experienced in this sense. If you know of a good doctor who is not in Seattle, that’d help as well because I don’t necessarily have to meet them in-person.


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