Firstly, I mean is there any legit at-home sleep tests or anything that I can take to show I have sleep apnea? I monitor my sleep through a phone app and snore a good percentage of the night. I also wake up tired constantly, which I’m sure it’s due to the snoring as I am an extremely healthy person.

Secondly, I am desperately attempting to work around this without a CPAP because of my lack of referral. My remedy of choice is forcing myself to sleep on my side as most other remedies, like the thing that moves your jaw forward, seem to lead to issues in the future. Problem is that no matter what I do, whether it be put a dumbbell behind my back or tie some balls around my waist, my body always forces itself to me sleeping on my back and starting to snore. I just move around way too much when I sleep on my side. I bought a new mattress, use a bunch of pillows, all the things to make myself as comfortable as possible, but I still can stop moving.

Any and all suggedtions are much appreciated!

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