In my case, I’m a maths PhD student, and I find myself making the most dreadful errors even in relatively simple calculations which has been making me feel depressed and incompetent in my own abilities. However, I am also forgetful and clumsy in many other areas of life due to having intermittent concentration (e.g. failing my driving test three times, leaving things on trains/buses, being very impulsive and irritable and less able to keep my emotions in check). I have been suffering from sleep apnea for at least 8 years, and been using a CPAP machine for the last 4 years, but I don’t feel like any of the reversible brain damage that I’ve accrued due to my sleep apnea has really “reversed” in the time that I’ve been treated for it.

Does anyone else feel like they’re not as intellectually “sharp” as they used to be due to a compounding effect of sleep apnea, and that it’s affecting their ability to function? Moreover, what is a short/medium-term solution to this?

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