I just did a WatchPat sleep study which said I have mild OSA. AHI – 7.5, RDI – 11.7, oxygen nadir – 84%

I’m currently waiting on a auto CPAP in the mail but am wondering if I actually have central sleep apnea and may need an ASV instead of a CPAP.

I never wake up gasping for air but sometimes (when I’m in bed but sort of half asleep, half awake) I’ll be drifting to sleep but then suddenly have a shot of adrenaline feeling (like when you feel for your phone/wallet in your pocket and it’s not there) and my heart rate will shoot up for a few moments. A few minutes later as I’m drifting to sleep again it’ll happen again.

I believe my breathing is stopping but there is no gasping/snoring/snorting sounds. I don’t snore at all and I never wake up with dry mouth.

I guess my question is for those with OSA, can you feel your obstruction when it happens? Like can you feel your throat was closed for a second? Because I never do.

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