Hey all. I’ve been having some major sleep problems for a couple years, and I’m starting to think it might be OSA.

Whenever I sleep I never have trouble falling asleep, but I find myself waking up very often during the night for very short periods of time and then falling asleep again. The only time this doesn’t happen is if I take a sleeping pill. I often times wake up with a headache in the morning, have a hard time actually getting up, and I also tend to sweat a lot at night. My sleep quality seems to be much worse than my GF who sleeps in the same bed (and has hashimotos).

During the day I’m always really tired. I can’t remember the last day I actually felt fully rested. It’s to the point some times that I fear I may get into an accident or something when driving home from work.

My sex life has taken a toll over this too. Although the interest is definitely there, I often find myself either too tired for the act, or I end up going soft a few minutes into it.

I’m pretty sure I have GERD, because I have to clear my throat every couple minutes, and my nasal passage is very narrow and is blocked probably 60% of the time.

I’ve never actually woken up gasping for air, but I do remember waking up for a few seconds at a time several times a night. I also wouldn’t say I snore more than normal.

I have a doc app on the 15th, but I figured I’d ask you guys first if it’s possible I could have OSA.

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