1. A “snort” that will wake me up. This doesnt happen every day.

  2. I snore, according to my wife, not every night but at least 2-3 nights a week.

  3. My wife will wake me up and tell me it looks like i couldnt breath, or that my lips were turning a slight shade of blue. This hasnt happened in a while, or at least she hadnt waken me up to tell me this in a couple of months.

  4. I can sleep 10 hours plus no problem, sometimes 10-12. Anything under 8 and im tired. Im not falling asleep at the wheel or anything, though.

  5. Brain fog, almost all the time. Feeling lightheaded periodically as well.

  6. I dont smoke, but I vape a lot. At the office, at the computer, in the car, at the bar, etc. Quit last week.

  7. Im 6’ 3” 225 lbs. I dont think im fat but apparently im overweight.

  8. Restless Legs syndrome. Again, not every night, maybe once or twice a week.

  9. Prone to getting heartburn ( i heard this was related)

  10. I feel like I have insomnia as well as hypersomnia, or have in the past. I cant sleep at night, and once I finally do fall asleep, i could hibernate for 12 hours. This used to be every night, doesnt quite happen as much.

Im waiting on my new insurance cards so I plan to go to a PCP to get referred to a sleep specialist.

Are these symptoms anyone else has had with sleep apnea?

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