Hey, I really feel like I’m dying here. I can’t tell the difference between not sleeping or getting 12 hours of sleep. I got a sleep study scheduled on april 20’th, which really is a long time from now.

My doctor also said he would drug test me, so I’m wondering two things:

1) Is a 1 month+ wait for a sleep study normal?

2) Would the doctor care if there are THC metabolites in my urine?

If I’m lucky people will start to cancel because there’s a lot of coronavirus cases where I live (Seattle), meaning they can schedule me for the openings. But it is equally possible I could get sick and would have to postpone my appointment, whch would really suck.

I feel really really really bad and I it’s torture to be awake sometimes. Weed is one of the few things that make me feel OK when I feel so bad. It’s so much easier to be incredibly sleep deprived and high than just incredibly sleep deprived. Anyways that’s all.

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