Sorry for posting so soon again. I think my untreated apnea is worse in dry climates, even in the summer. When I traveled from the hot and humid north carolina last year, as soon as I came back to Washington state, I had the worst migraine and it just hasnt let up, its almost constant. Everything in me is so dried out. My sleep apnea is insane. When I was in nc and sc, both states was like walking in a giant sauna. My apnea was more under control then. When i lived there in the winter, I’d dry out and my apnea would get out of control, even with the cpap machine. I cant do anything to combat the dryness. I’ve bought 3 humidifiers, and they make the dryness worse. I’ve even bought stuff to put up my nose, different types of moisturizers like manuka honey stuff for sinuses, lanolin cream etc etc.

If any of you have tips to prevent dryness please let me know. Its so bad that I have thick layers of blood in my nose, cant breathe that well. I honestly think this drynes is a big factor in how bad my apnea is tbh. I slept like a baby in the humidity, my anxiety and depressiom lifted. When i was little, teenage years, and adulthood, even in humid south, during the winters is when I remember only having the apnea symptoms.

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