Hello, I am posting on behalf of my boyfriend who has a ResMed. He’s been using it for around 2 years now and although his use % is good, great, actually, he’s up at least 6 times a night due to very bad xerostomia (dry mouth) We have tried biotene and Therabreath rinses (I’m a dental hygiene student so it’s usually the first course of action for a xerostomia patient) and just drinking copious amounts of water but there’s still not much relief. And when we try to adjust the humidity he ends up waking up with bad condensation—it’s like we can’t win and I feel bad that sure his quality of life is better because he doesn’t doze off at the dinner table or while driving anymore but it’s leveled out by not sleeping through the night with painful dry mouth causing him to wake up to pee every hour on the hour. Does anyone have suggestions? TIA

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