Has anyone heard of this or have it?

Was living at sea-level when I was diagnosed with OSA after a sleep study. Was given a CPAP and it worked beautifully. Never felt better.

Then, about a year later, I moved somewhere with an elevation of about 5000′. It took a while but my AHI started going up. Over the course of a few weeks it went from 1-2 to 7, then to mid-teens, and would keep going up and peaked at about 50 AHI.

I found a new doctor and we tried all sorts of different settings on my CPAP. Didn’t make progress so she got me a BPAP. After a few weeks, that wasn’t helping either.

She eventually told me that I had elevation-induced CSA. She got me an ASV and my AHI is back down to about 1 every night.

My only issue is that the ASV wakes me up in the morning and doesn’t let me sleep in. It kind of ribs me of my last hour or so of sleep when you’re already sleeping lighter and susceptible to being woken up. So I average about 7.5 hours of sleep a night when I probably actually need a touch over 8.

Anyone else have any similar experiences?

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