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Hello everyone,

I’m 32 years old, normal weight, etc., I had an emergency C-section about two months ago due to sleep apnea. I went to the hospital at 38 weeks due to high blood pressure so they kept me overnight for monitoring.

During the night I stopped breathing several times (that’s what they told me). All I remember is nurses rushing in and putting me on oxygen and turning me from one side to another and raising my bed.

Early the next day the doctor came in and said that I had apnea episodes and during those episodes my baby’s heart rate would decelerate. He said he couldn’t release me even though my blood pressure was normalized. So I had a C-section right away.

I’m going to see a pulmonologist/Internal medicine doctor on the 19th. I’ve had sleep studies before (years ago) due to other issues but I never followed up for the results. So I know what to expect as far as the sleep test goes but if I do indeed have sleep apnea…

Is the cpap the only treatment available? I’m always tired and drowsy. What can i expect from the first visit? What are some important things I should tell my doctor?


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