So I got my sleep apnea diagnos about 15 years ago. I got one of these mouthpieces that extends your lower jaw. It worked and I used it for like 6 years.

The problem was that it permanently changed my jaw to a slight underbite. I couldn’t continue with it because it would get worse and I would end up looking like a caveman.

Naturally I got the CPAP, I’m only 27 at the time so I wasn’t that thrilled about it. I’m now 34 years old. I’ve been using it almost every day and it works. But God I hate it, I’m 34 in really good shape and singel. I shouldn’t be stuck with this machine from the dark ages. The thought that I’m suppose to carry it around for the rest of my life is….yea

I have moderate sleep apnea so I’m wondering if you have experience in any other options? I’ve looked at EPa (the nose plug things) and also a mouthpiece that has a thing that pressed down your tongue, preventing it from falling back. Surgery as well, even though it doesn’t seem to be that recommended.

I’m open/curios on everything. (Oh btw, when is it a good time to reveal the cpap – monster to the girl your dating?)

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