Ive been looking into sleep apnea and am fairly positive I’ve got it. I finally got around to speaking to a doctor and setting up a “disposable” sleep study that is a watch and has monitors that go on the chest and finger.

I got a call from the medical firm that my doc works for and they gave me an out of pocket estimate of $1,125. Is that normal? Can I get this lowered or covered some other way?

Edit: it wasn’t clear, but I have United insurance, and looking online that is a price for an in office sleep study not a home one. WTF

Edit 2: I called UHC, they told me I had a “Medical Exclusion” when it came to sleep studies and it’s not covered, all I can do is have the doc write a “prior authorization” to submit to see if it will get covered.

Anyone have this problem?

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