Hey everyone, I have been following the world of sleep apnea for quite some time since a part of me always felt like I also had this problem for a long time so one day i decided to do my exams and a couple of days ago I got my results which were:

– 8 Obstructive Sleep Apneas

– 2 Central Apneas

– 1 Mixed Apnea

– 28 Hypopneas

– 23 events of flow limitation

Apnea-Hypopnea Ratio: 5.2

Now on their conclusions(which I will debate with the doctor next week) there was a mention of Cardiac Frequency and how my “Autonomic Activation Index” (might translate to something else in english) was and I quote “way superior when compared with the apnea-hyponea index on which suggests the possibility of another sleep perturbation or OSAHS of higher severity.”

My biggest doubt is what is the Autonomic Activation Index normal ratio? Since mine seems to be quite high and did anyone else get similar results in the past/present ?

Cheers and thanks !

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