I’ve been using the Dreamwear full-face mask and have liked it for nearly two years. I have noticed my top teeth are being pushed back and have an indentation on the top of my head from the strap. This has been going on for quite some time and I’m ready to try a new mask.

I gently push my teeth back out each morning with my bottom teeth and I’ve just dealt with the indentation since it just messes up my hair. But I’m wondering if there’s a better mask that addresses these issues along with air leakage.

I’ve seen many mentions of the airfit and air touch f2, quattro, and some others. I’m just hoping to get some guy’s opinions on their favorite full-face masks. It might be helpful for women as well but mask fit seems to be different for women than men. So it may be helpful for everyone if you say which gender it may be best suited for.


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