Well today I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, 37 ahi, 75%spo2… I knew there was a chance I had sleep apnea due to my extra weight and occasional snoring. Although my energy and quality of sleep always seem to be great and my SnoreLab average is 8.

What I’m confused about is that per the sleep study’s data my heart rate was between 90-160 while sleeping which seems totally strange to me. I wear my Apple Watch to bed and my heart rate always ranges between 45-60 while sleeping. I have never caught my heart rate that high while sleeping. Could my Apple Watch really be that far off? I looked at the data and it seems to take my pulse every 5 minutes or so, if my heart rate was truly 90-160 even if it was just during an apnea event wouldn’t I catch this even once on my watch? I am very fit cardio wise, my resting heart rate is typically around 50.

I have data from my Apple Watch recorded the night of the study on Cardiogram and it just doesn’t add up. I trust my doctor but is there any chance my sleep study device was malfunctioning? Or even worse got a bogus diagnosis to benefit the clinic financially? I understand an Apple Watch isn’t a medical device however it’s always exactly the same as my bp machine, and pulse ox.

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