Hi guys,

I got diagnosed with OSA last year and have been using it since then. Things are ok, my sleep quality improved (still feeling bad though, so I am planning to see a doctor to check for other issues such as restless legs / narcolepsy).

However, I just feel very sad with using CPAP. A few issues and I just feel so unhappy with myself

– Despite how I tried (tightening my mask / keeping it a bit loose), the mask still leaks during the night. Sometimes it can be so bad that the leaking sound could wake me up. I tried masks with different sizes but it doesn’t change much.

– I am a side sleeper. Even I sleep on the edge of my pillow, I will roll on the bed during the night and perhaps my mask loosened as a result. I haven’t tried a CPAP pillow though, not sure if it will change things a lot

– CPAP and supplies are out of pocket expenses in my country. The sum adds up and I also feel very annoyed cleaning everything once in a while

– I always wanted to do backpacking and fly on LCCs. Unlike the US, CPAP is counted as my baggage and volume + weight wise I will go over the quota easily with the hose / mask / adapter even if I bring a travel CPAP

– My working hours are quite long. Occasionally I feel too exhausted at work and I would have a very quick meal and find a corner to have a quick nap afterwards. I just cannot carry a CPAP to nap at office and I feel like my nap is not doing much without a CPAP

I know it sounds like I am whining.. But I just feel like this is some punishment to me for no reason and I really hate myself. I did some research as well and seems surgery is not a solution either.. I am lost now

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