Hi everyone,

2 years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 30 AHI with both OA and CA being equally responsible for my apnea. I went on cpap, felt better as in headaches gone but not much more energetic. I did a sleepy study and was told to use bipap st. The settings that came with it was so high 19/14 that I couldn’t take it. So I started using nasal pillows and settings around 10/5 and days with 13/8. Both seem to keep my AHI at 0.6 and both seem to feel no different to me. Worth mentioning I sleep with eye mask and soft survical collar as I read that helps and I mouth tape with somni fix. So you can see I try my best to have all grounds covered.

My issue is while headaches are gone. I cannot help but feel confused upon waking up it’s like I can’t seem to get to be focused. I have to really desire it. Also I yawn not as often but often enough and don’t feel alert at all except by 5 pm. It feels like I take 8 hours to be fully functional.

Any thoughts on what that means, what can I do? Is ASV my next step from ST. Been on it for 3 months Is it a matter of time before I improve. Should I go for 19/14 even though my study data shows they tested it only for 20 min not sure how I ever endured it.

I feel really sad and needing help.

Thanks everyone

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